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About Us

About Us

UK is one of the best hub for international students in the world for education. With a decade of experience as an international student in the UK, we realized students often don't get the right advice and support throughout their study in the UK. Choosing a right course is the first step towards your career destination. With our expertise, we aim to support and provide counselling as per your experience and aspirations.  

The struggles and challenges as an international student cannot be denied. The isolation, loneliness and difficulty to cope in a new environment & culture can be challenging sometimes. You might be left alone in this crowd and may often feel lost. Uni- Ladder aims to fulfill your study goal and career by supporting throughout your stay in the UK. We would like to pave your path towards success. We believe the right advice can help you achieve your dreams, so be assured you are in the right hands.

Yours sincerely
Ganesh Khadka (CEO)
PhD Researcher - University College London

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